Meet Hal Hawkins
I am owner and founder of the Retro World Series. My work experience has been in diverse industries as a consultant and manager and director of marketing. 
My education includes a B.S. in Business Administration and an M.B.A. Over the last 6 years, I was the Director of Marketing for several corporations in Texas. 
I am a former college athlete and an avid retro gamer, holding 16 world records. I am a proven business owner with the Retro World Series continually growing each year with the addition of new clients and retention of current ones.
I have a proven record of providing successful marketing strategies, rebranding, internal/external communications, designs, and advertisements from print, digital, and broadcast media to promotional and retail products across multiple industries. These industries include (but are not limited to) banking, internet te technologies, real estate, political campaigns, RV dealerships, tractor/outdoor power equipment dealerships, Esports, deer breeding/hunting, events, and manufacturing.
I will work personally with you to ensure that the partnership between you and me is customized to meet your needs and bring the best possible services and products to your stakeholders.
I look forward to hearing from you today.